turnable tracking stylus force gauge

Stylus Force Scale--

Digital Turntable

Arm Load Meter

(Model: PS002)

﹡Material: Plastic
﹡4 digit LCD-Display with backlight
﹡Auto calibration function
﹡Capacity: 5g/0.002g; 10g/0.002g,    15g/0.002g, 20g/0.002g
﹡Auto power off function
﹡Protective cover
﹡Calibration weight
﹡2 button cell batteries supplied
﹡Dimension (L*W*H): 96*43*21MM
﹡Weight: 49g

Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge

This stylus scale help you adjust the stylus force of your record player, and keep the record machine in good performance. The package includes calibration weight, and two button cell batteries. It is a good choice to get one for your turntable.