stylus force gauge

Stylus Force Scale--

Turntable Tracking

Pressure Gauge


﹡Material: Aluminum
﹡4 digit LCD-Display with backlight
﹡Auto calibration function
﹡Capacity: 5g/0.001g; 10g/0.001g,    15g/0.001g, 20g/0.001g, or 0.002g
﹡Auto power off function
﹡Protective cover
﹡Calibration weight and screwdriver    supplied
﹡2*AAA batteries supplied
﹡Dimension (L*W*H): 122*55*27MM
﹡Weight: 170g

Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge

Use high precision and accurate stylus scale with division 0.001g to adjust the stylus force on the turntable. It is important for you to protect the high valuable records and nice to enjoy the high-quality music, by this stylus force scale. Usually it’s enough for the capacity 5g/0.001g, but we have more varieties of it for your selecting.