body fat scale

Body Fat Scale--

Smart Scale

Body Fat Monitor

(Model: FS63)

﹡Max Capacity: 180kg/396lb/28.8st
﹡Unit: kg/lb/st
﹡Division: 100g/0.2lb
﹡Power on/off: Intelligent control
﹡Platform material: Tempered glass
﹡Size: 303x303x23mm; Large LCD    (92x53mm)
﹡Color box: 334x40x334mm
﹡Color: Black, white

Smart Body Composition Analyzer Scale

The right scale will make it easy for you to get the amount of data you want to meet your goals. Our Body Composition Scale is designed to strike a good balance by giving you detailed information in a streamlined, easy-to-use design. Just step on to see multiple body composition metrics and get a more detailed picture of your health than weight alone can provide.