Staff Development
It does not matter if you intend to engage in a new electronic industry, or another career, Ping Shi is the right company for you to begin with. Special experience and a background in the industry are not required. We recruit the most intelligent and capable young talents who yearn for success.

 You are welcome to learn about us through company profile and staff development. 

Start your career in Ping Shi
Ping Shi will provide you with a challenging and exciting professional career.

We need personnel who make contributions
If you are passionate about your career, we are convinced that you will find development opportunities here, as we need hard-working personnel to join our team.

Adopting the flexible and practical talent mechanism of “Employing Talents Based on Capabilities instead of Conventional Norms,” we recruit capable and virtuous personnel.

"Sunlight Career, Bright Future.” We believe that every intelligent and industrial Seimlong member will enjoy a promising future.